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The standards-based Apex Learning curriculum balances thematic and communicative activities and meets both language and technology standards. It is aligned to the MPS World Language Standards which are based on the ACTFL guideline. In addition, this course meets the ISTE (National Educational; Technology Standards) guidelines for students, and will increase your ability to use technology in your education.

Course Objectives: The Spanish II course will help students with the world language standard. It will also help students prepare to be successful in speaking, reading, and writing in college and the community.

Specific Course Requirements: Do your best to be supportive of the language learning process. Keep all class notes and handouts for reference. Listen with an open minded and positive attitude and try to use Spanish often. Take risks and make as many mistakes as you need to make in order to make yourself understood. Have fun! Take an interest in what happens as a global citizen.

Students should always bring the following items when we meet in person: notebook/folder, assignments, and a writing utensil.

ß Major Assessments
Students will take a quizzes and a chapter text after each chapter is completed. Tests may be oral, written, matching, listening, and/or fill in the blank.

ß Assignments
Students will have assignments that may be completed on-line, in pairs, groups, as a class, or alone. The assignments will prepare students for future examinations, college, and communication with native Spanish speakers.

ß Homework
Homework will be given 3 to 4 times a week.

ß Class Participation
Students receive 30 points per week for this category. If a student is tardy he/she loses
10 points that day. If a student is absent he/she loses 30 points per session.

Grading Scale:
90% to 100% -A
80% to 89% -B
70% to 79% -C
60% to 69% -D
This course is not grades on a curve. Everyone has the opportunity to earn an “A”