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Course Description: MPS Online History of Painting involves reading about the history of painting, answering questions, creating artworks on and off the computer, experessing your thoughts and personal responses to art and other peoples' opinions in written form and lastly, engaging in some fun activities.

Art, aesthetics, the elements and principles of art.
Cave paintings and early wall art, and graffiti.
Renaissance painting in Italy and the northern Renaissance; Baroque and the age of Rococo.
19th century painting in Europe and 20th century painting.
Art beyond the west and how cultures art change when Americanized.
The business of art: for love or money?

Course Objectives: The students will:
* ponder what art is and learn the meaning of aesthetics.
* understand how the elements and principles of art are used by artists.
* understand the chronology of the history of painting, its movements, and
the key players in those movements.
* have a well rounded view of the history of painting and its place in history.
* know why we study the history of painting.
* be engaged in rigorous projects and have some fun along the way.

Course Requirements: Attendance online, participation, completion of all assignments, quizzes, exams, projects, small group work in virtual classroom, threaded
discussions, student online portfolio with six work samples.