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Media Arts
In This Section

Media arts is the study and practice of human communication through photography, film or video, audio, computer or digital arts, and interactive
media. Students exploring this category of art creatively structure the elements of space, time, light, motion, color and sound to express their perspectives,
feelings and ideas.They learn to critically interpret and evaluate media within aesthetic, cultural and historical contexts.

Media arts employs technologies and processes developed and implemented during the past two centuries while maintaining essential continuity with the traditional arts. Creativity and imagination are essential elements of the media arts process.

Successful media production comprises excellence in aesthetics and communication in conjunction with technical competency. In the media arts, information from life is selected, captured and manipulated; issues of truth and illusion and of natural versus constructed experience are raised.

Students are excited by the possibilities presented by the digital realm and see it as a given element of their future. In a world of increasingly fast-paced and visually compelling imagery, the ability to critically assess media has become essential. In order to learn the language and symbol systems of our current culture, it is important for students to understand works that are generated from a wide spectrum of sources—from the commercial media industry to individual visions. Media-literate students control and define their perceptions through
the process of analyzing, evaluating and producing media art works.

--downloaded from publication at Minnesota Department of Education.