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Shortly you will begin doing the assignments for this History of Painting course. This will include the basic routine for how you will do you asssignments and where they will go. The course consists of Modules or MODS.

In each MOD there are:

1. Reading and Questions-Each Mod has  required reading and note taking and study questions you answer. This whole process takes place at www.beyondbooks.com Only answer the questions assigned to you. Send your answers to the beyond books portfolios where I will check often to see if any of your work is there

2. Activities-The activities are designed to help reinforce the reading material. When you complete your activitiy put it in the drop box.

3. Message Forum-here you will share your thoughts and insights with your classmates. I may pose an idea and have you respond in the Message Forum, and then later others will respond to your response and so on.

On with the list of what you need to do.
1. Complete all assignments for the length of time you are taking class. 1 quarter or a semester. Don't skip around to other assignments. Do them one at a time, one after the other.
2. When your assignments are completed you must put them in the drop box. There will be a small icon or button that will link you to the drop box. Once there you will see sections to be
filled in by you. If you made your assignment on a word document I think you will be able to cut and paste it into the dop box.
3. You need to email me at least 2 times a week. If you want me to respond right away we could either IM. There are many students in the class so I will hold office hours on a regular basis.This means I will sit at my computer and wait for email from anyone from class. Try the school email first but if I reply through aol you should email me using my aol address lookamma55@aol.comthen

That is all the information for now.