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In This Section


  • Complexion: the color and tone of skin.
  • Surveillance: a method of monitoring a person or an area, either with public knowledge or secretly.
  • Interview: a method of questioning to find answers.
  • Profile: a physical or psychological description.
  • Modus Operandi: a method of committing a crime.
  • Portrait parle: (French) a picture of front and side views of a person, modern use includes a written description of physical features
  • Signature: an action that is not necessary to the crime
  • Exemplar: physical evidence
  • Questioned Document: exemplar with unknown authenticity
  • Authentic: genuine, original
  • QDE: Questioned Document Examiner
  • Erasures: marks from attempts to remove writing
  • Obliteration: marks from attempts to cover up writing
  • Inserts: marks from attempts to add to original writing
  • Forgery: exemplar written with the intent to deceive
  • Counterfeit: a fake meant to replace the original genuine item
  • Thin Layer Chromatography: (TLC) a method of analyzing inks
  • Standard: a known writing who source is established and genuine, used for comparisons