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Twelve most common traits analyzed
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Twelve traits to analyze

Twelve traits to analyze
  1. Line quality: do the letters flow or do they looked forced and intentional?
  2. Spacing of words and letters: what is the average spacing?
  3. Ratio of height, width, and size of letters: is there consistency?
  4. Lifting pen: do the words look like the author stopped to check the writing or look for the next word?
  5. Connecting strokes: how are capital letters connected to lowercase letters?
  6. Strokes to begin and end: where does each letter begin and end on the page?
  7. Unusual letter formations: are any of the letters written at unusual slants? Are some letters printed while others are in cursive?
  8. Pen pressure:  how much pressure is applied between upward and downward strokes? Is it consistent?
  9. Slant: do the letters slant left or right?
  10. Baseline habits: does the writing stay on the line or does it go above or below the line?
  11. Fancy writing habits: are there any unusual curls or loops?
  12. Placement of extras: how are the t's crossed or the i's dotted?