Cross-projection Sketch
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Cross-projection or Exploded View

Cross-projection or Exploded View
      This sketch folds down the walls to convert three dimensions into two.  Windows, pictures, blood splatter, any evidence that can be found on walls can be drawn in a flattened manner to clarify relationships.  It is easier to draw than an Elevation Sketch, which keeps the walls intact and depends on showing the three dimensions of the evidence.  For simplicity's sake, we will not do an Elevation Sketch so your choices to begin are as follows:

Do Your Own cross-projection sketch (using a different room in the house).  The last rules still apply: Put on Administrative Details, provide 3-4 pieces of evidence, show furniture.  New rules mean that now you also provide locations of window, pictures, and at least one type of evidence found on a wall.

Do Exercise Two with the measurements that I provide you.

Email me an attached file, either on a drawing program or scanned in, or mail it to me through school mail.  My email is

School mail is Christine Salokar at Washburn Science.