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Read each question carefully.  Each question is worth 20 points.

1.  Name as many of the elements of art.  There are 5 of them.  Some of the elements are almost always needed to make an artwork/paintings.

2.  During this course you read about 2 artists of the Italian Renaissance and had to decide which one you thought was the better artist. One was an inventor as well as being an artist and the other spent several years laying on his back while painting.   Do you remember both of them for the full 20 points? or  10 points for remembering one.

3.  Earlier in the course you were asked to compare some paintings that were created very far apart from each other in time.  One was at the time that humans were living in caves and beginning to communicate and the other was created in the 1970's to present day.  Can you name the 2 different types of painting?

4.  Name 2 of the principles of art.  There are at least 5 of them.  An artist uses the elements to show a principle of art in his/her artwork.

5.  Do you think if a person studies art from along time ago they will also learn something about history?  Explain your answer.