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In This Section


You have read about each of the artists,  Now
you have to decide which you think is the better

                 da Vinci?   or  Michelangelo.? 


 Michelangelo  paintedt the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel  while laying on his back.  Imagine drawing and painting while on your back for 8 years.  When he first started the job he had some assistants but after a year with their help Michelangelo decided their work was  not good enough so he fired them and did the job by himself.  Of course he scraped off all  the work that was done in that first year.

I want you to try something.  You can do this at home or at school.  Tape an 8 1/2" x 11" or larger, sheet of paper to the under side of a table and try to draw something on that paper.  It may be hard to make yourself lay down and be able to reach the table but try it just to see how Michelangelo spent 8 years of his life. 

Before you go and decide on Michelangelo take a look at the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.  He didn't just draw well, he was and still is considered to be an artist whose drawings and paintings show a delicate sensitivity of the human form and at the same time was able to show a tiny bit of the soul or emotion of the person he was drawing, whether they were real or made up.  He took apart real people who were not alive and studied how the body was put together so he could be more accurate.  In his drawings there are pictures of what are said to be the first drawings expressing ideas that no one had come up with before like a helicopter and machines one would use to fight a war.