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Welcome to Forensic Science with Mrs. Salokar in room 136
Welcome to Forensic Science with Mrs. Salokar in room 136
This elective science class will survey the elements of criminal forensics.  You will study evidence & crime scenes
as they relate to a court of law.  You will work through the units and have a research paper as the end product.
 Observe, explore, deduce, and ask questions as you work through the mods.
Topics we will survey are History of Forensics, Crime scene types and personnel, Arson, Ballistics, Prints, 
Profiling, Handwriting and document analysis.
Time and interest permitting: Hair and fiber analysis and/or Forensic Entomology
We will have readings, a standards paper, writing responses, case studies, and labs.  We do have a few videos
 that relate to the survey topics but these must ve viewed in my classroom.  As interest permits, we can meet to do
 large labs, including use of microscopes.  We may also have the opportunity for one or more speakers.
You will be graded on the above assignments and the quizzes/tests associated with the survey topics.
To contact me:         School phone:    668-3400
                       email:  (school) christine.salokar@mpls.k12.mn.us
Here is your first opportunity to earn some extra points.  Decipher the code below and email me with the  meaning.
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