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Media Arts
In This Section

Standards for Media Arts

B.    MEDIA ARTS. The student will:
1.    understand the integration of the following components of media arts:
a.    elements, including image, sound, space, time, motion, and sequence;
b.    principles, such as repetition, unity, or contrast;
c.    vocabulary;
d.    structures, such as chronological or spatial;
e.    styles, such as documentary, narrative, or abstract; and
f.    technical skills, such as selection and use of the tools of the medium;
2.    understand the cultural, historical, or social contexts that influence the creation of media arts;
3.    use artistic processes to create a single, complex work or multiple works in media arts;
4.    generate and clarify artistic intent for work in media arts;
5.    make decisions based on artistic intent;
6.    make choices based on analysis of audience and occasion for media art work; and
7.    revise media art work using multiple sources of critique and feedback