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     At 0636 on September 11, you are called to a homicide scene at 6120 Falst Avenue, Jordan City, USA.  Upon arrival, you note the following:

Weather conditions:  68 degrees Fahrenheit, winds from the south at 15 mph, partly cloudy with humidity at 46%.

The scene is a park shelter consisting of two parts.  The inner area contains male and female restroom facilities, each single stalls, and a drinking fountain.  The outer area consists of a three sided open gazebo containing of 2 ft deep and 4 ft wide fireplace, a standard sink of  18 in square stainless steel, two compartment, with drying rack, and three 6 ft picnic tables with benches located on 24 ft by 18 ft cement slab.  The park is surrounded on two sides by main roads and is partially sheltered on the third side by a large sledding hill.  There is a play area located 10 ft to the south of the picnic area.

The body is located in the fireplace in a fetal position facing towards the back of the fireplace.  Victim has short black hair and a dirty blue t-shirt.  No visible injuries but pooled blood is evident under the grate.

Medical examiner arrives and removes body from fireplace.  Victim has rigor mortis consistent with 4 hours estimated time of death.  Victim is male, late teens or early twenties, thin.  Victim is wearing camo pants, no socks, and Sketcher tennis shoes.  Victim has red bandana around upper right thigh and tattoos on left arm.  Victim of probable Hispanic descent.  Search of clothing reveals no wallet or papers.  Medical examiner indicates three stab wounds, 8 to 10 in deep, from a large single edged weapon angled upwards.  All wounds are on right side of back, kidney area.  Slight bruising indicated on neck, deeper on right side.  Red abrasions on knuckles.  Torn nail on left hand.

Search of cemented area indicates blood droplets leading south.  Partial print of left shoe left in blood smear.  Sink handles have blood smears with blood droplets in basin.  Indications that sink has no running water.  Extended search reveals group of  5-15 individuals may have been involved in scuffle near playground.  Grass torn up in approximately twenty foot square area.  One fixed blade double edged knife with 4 in blade discovered in  torn grass.  Blood originates within torn grass area.

Witness: Marty Tomson, age 47, jogger who stopped on run to rest and refill water bottle.  Noticed body on way into closed area with fountain.  Called in report with cell phone.