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Alphonse Bertillon

Alphonse Bertillon
He was the son of an anthropologist.  Socially, he had trouble in school and keeping a job until his father stepped in and helped place him with the French police at a prison.  His job consisted of recording information about each criminal.  Bertillon started looking at the bone and tissue structure of the criminals and eventually developed a system that he called "anthropometry" or measurements of the body.  It took some time and the weight of his father's position for this system to be regularly implemented even though the technology was as simple as the concept.  Bertillon measured things like the circumference of the skull and the diagonal width of the ear, believing that 11 key measurements were unique to each criminal.  It became the system used by all prisons.  Its name changed to "Bertillonage."  Social acceptance for Bertillon declined rapidly after a few cases that showed the inadequacy of Bertillonage in comparison to fingerprinting, the newest "fad" on the street.   Bertillon had some economic success from his breakthrough but it was short-lived to the few decades before fingerprinting to hold.

This is a synopsis of a paper.  It briefly shows the development of each of the three concepts with varying degrees of depth.  All should be developed more fully.  Nothing is really discussed about the impact of Bertillonage on today's society.  Politics could have been pulled in.  This would get you started.  Each concept should have at least one to three paragraphs.  Biographical information and breakthrough development are also necessary.  No references are sited. (Point of fact, no references were used for this paragraph but many exist to support greater depth.)