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At Beyone books read and take notes

At Beyone books read and take notes
Read chapters 4 and 5. 

They are 2 Renaissances.  One in Italy and the otherin Northern Europe: France and Germany and the surrounding area.  You will read about the Italian Renaissnace.

What does it mean the word Renaissance mean?  
It means rebirth or revival.
It is a time of creativity and means a time of change in history. 
When a renaissance happens artists of all kinds make alot of art
and discoveries are made 

You will be reading  both chapters 4 and 5   Here is what you should read, take notes and answer the following questions. FOLLOW any links in Beyond Books connected with da Vinci and Michelangelo.
Read chapter 4, questions 1 and 2
                     4c, questions 1 and 2
                     4d. questions 1and 2