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+ Quarter 2
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Quarter 2

Quarter 2
Quarter 2 is the second part of the History of Painting course.  At Beyond Books the chapter titles are:

4.   The Seeds of Modernity: 19th Century Europe and A New Way Of Seeing; 20th Century Paintng                                          

5.   A New Way Of Seeing

6.  Beyond the West and The Business Of Art

This quarter is divided into 3 subjects:

            A.   Art created during modern times( the 1900's) to the present.

            B.   A New Way of Seeing is about the variety of new types or way of painting that artists started to experiment with.

           C.  Beyond the West is basically a sampling of Eastern/Asian Art.The business of art mostly referring to the business of art in America and peoples' strange ideas of what that means..

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