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Primary classification
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Primary classification

Primary classification
You are going to learn how to do Henry's primary classification on yourself.  This method looks specifically at what fingers have whorl prints.  Whorls are actual circles on the tips of your fingers.  Look and see which fingers have whorls.  Each finger has a value set to it.  The values only count for whorls.  All non-whorl fingers have a value of zero (0).

Right index finger and right thumb have a value of 16.

Right ring finger and right middle finger have a value of 8.

Left thumb and right little finger have a value of 4.

Left middle finger and left index finger have a value of 2.

Left little finger and left ring finger have a value of 1.

The first finger of each pair is the numerator in a fraction.

The second finger of each pair is the denominator in a fraction.

Set up your fractions for each pair.  Add up the numerators and the denominators then add 1/1.  Your total is written as a fraction and indicates your primary classification.


I have a whorl on my right thumb, left thumb, right index finger, and left ring finger.  My fractions will be...

16/16, 0/0,4/0, 0/0, 0/1

My total for the numerators is...20.

My total for the denominators is...17.

Add one to top and bottom gives me 21/18.  Do not simplify.  This is the primary classification number.

Do your primary classification number and be prepared to enter it on the final form.