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Portrait Parle
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Portrait Parle overview

Portrait Parle overview
Portrait Parle is a French term referring to a picture of a suspect in both front and profile views.  Modernization has led this to be our "mug shot" of a suspect.  We still use front and profile views but we have added in written descriptions of the suspect as well.  We use portrait parles for finding suspects and missing persons because of the thoroughness of the descriptions.

Key descriptions for portrait Parles follow.  Notice that the descriptions essentially profile a person's whole personality, not just a physical descriptor.

age voice friends hangouts piercings hair length
chin build glasses foot size residence hair texture
DNA blood habits eye shape hair color exits scene
ears teeth hobbies lip color occupation accessories
head height jewelry eye color background fingerprints
name family lip size eyebrows automobile pecularities
neck gender tattoos lip shape facial hair weapon choice
nose shoes weight forehead ethnicity complexion
race scars clothing lip prints birthmarks

Go sit at a busy area or window and profile the next person who passes by.  Catch as many details as possible.  (Hint: write the above descriptors down ahead of time and fill in the answers at the window.)  I am providing a form titled Portrait Parle to complete when your ready.

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