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Lip Prints
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Lip Prints

Lip Prints
     Most people think of fingers or feet when they hear the word "prints".  Or even DNA.  Few people realize the importance of lip prints to solving crimes.  TV commonly uses the lipstick on the glass trick but this cliche is not the most common way to get a lip print.  Just ask the guy who forgot he locked the convenience store door to rob it without interruption, then forgot to unlock it before he left.  He hit the door so hard that the residue from his lips left the calling card police needed to put him behind bars.

     Typically, we each have two patterns or more, making lip prints as individual as fingerprints.  The five common patterns are described as follows:

     short vertical lines:  these are almost vertical dots rather than lines;

     long vertical lines:  these lines extend at least halfway vertically down the lip;

     rectangular lines: which may crisscross, looking like tic tac toe grids;

     diamonds: the crisscross is diagonal, looking like diamonds;

     branches: lines that don't conform to one direction.

Put some chapstick or lipstick on your lips and look at your patterns.  Look at family members and see if you can find any similarities.