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Linking 25,000 B.C and the year 2005/.
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Linking 25,000 BC. and 2005

Linking 25,000 BC. and 2005
Graffiti artists are still alive so we can ask them why they started 

doing graffiti and some of their answers were in the articles from

the Internet . 

In the comparing and contrasting assignment most all I read

declared there were no clear cut answers to the question why

the cave artists did the drawings/paintings on the walls of the caves. 

What do you think?  Why did the cave men draw/paint on the

cave walls?   Could they have the same reason as the graffiti artists

 for writing graffiti on walls and trains? 

If the message board is working put your answer

there and read what the other students in your class think and

then choose one to respond to.