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Footprint lab
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Footprint lab

Footprint lab
Terms to remember:

Individual characteristics are unique patterns or features.  Example: fingerprints

Class characteristics are a defined pattern or feature that belongs to a group.  Example: blonde hair

Wear patterns: Individual characteristic based on the use of an item.  Examples: shoes or tires worn more on one side than the other


Materials needed:

Soil; shoe print; bare foot print. 

Either put soil (like potting soil) in a box or find a place outside that has good soil (like a garden).  Look at the characteristics of the soil; color, texture, additives, and moisture levels are good things to note.  Make a shoe print by stepping in the soil.  Measure the size of the print.  Now make a bare foot print (your feet wash so don't be shy) and measure that print.  Go to the form and fill it out.

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