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Eyes open
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Eyes open

Eyes open
Be honest as you do this to increase your ability more quickly.

Set a timer of 2 minutes for the first time or two then reduce the time to 1 minute.

Read these two sentences then do them.  Walk around a room and observe the color yellow.  Try to remember all the places that you see yellow represented.  

When your time is up, read the next set of directions!

When the time is up, get out a sheet of paper and write down the things you remember, without looking around, that are (look at last word of last paragraph).  No that is not a typo.  I want you to think about a different color because you were consciously looking for yellow.  

This transfers to the crime scene as follows:  Someone is shot and the team leader is looking for the gun.  She doesn't find one but she does see one down feather in the living room.  There is no pillow present in the living room and the bedroom pillows are intact.  Is that feather important?  Possibly.  It could indicate the person was asphyxiated before being shot or it could indicate a throw pillow was used as a silencer.  It could mean the difference between pre-meditation and a crime of passion.  Each time you do this activity, change the colors observed and recorded.  (Have someone else choose the colors right before you do each part to increase the challenge.blue) 

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