Overview Sketch
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Flat or Overview Sketch

Flat or Overview Sketch
     This type of sketch is done off of the X-Y coordinate graphs.  Each object is measured from two points located 90 degrees from each other.  Fixed objects are ones that don't move so they are essentially landmarks.  Measurements are taken from points that are fixed so that everyone understands the location of the evidence.  For example, if a knife is found on a table, you want to measure from the walls still because the table can move, changing the position of the knife in relation to other evidence.  You do the sketch as if you are looking down on the room.  This is often considered the easiest sketch to do. 

     Your choices of which to do first are to sketch a room in your house, providing measurements, or follow the measurements I provide to do a sketch.  I recommend that you use graph paper, but any type of paper will do.  If you don't know how to scale your drawings, that is okay.  Just remember to put the "Not To Scale" designation on your Title Block. 

     Directions for doing your own room: Measure key pieces of furniture from fixed objects.  Create 3-4 pieces of evidence to show you know how to record it.  Put all administrative details on the final draft and turn it in.

I have a separate section for the measurements that I give you.  It is titled Exercise One.

Email me an attached file, either on a drawing program or scanned in, or mail it to me through school mail.  My email is christine.salokar@mpls.k12.mn.us

School mail is Christine Salokar at Washburn Science.