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Compare and contrasst cave art and graffiti art.
In This Section


Here is how you will compare and contrast cave art and cave artists and graffiti art and graffiti art.

You will open up a document in Word. 

Click on file

in the scroll   down click on page set up.


A box will come up.

Change the side margins to .5.   In the same

dialgue box click on the paper size tab  at the toop of the box.and click on the

choice for landscape, making the paper so it goes the long way.

 -On the upper toolbar click on insert then click on text box. 

-put the curser or arrow on the page   

-click and hold it down and drag it until  you mke  a rectangle

 on the left side of the paper.

 -Then make one in the middle and another one on the right/

-type in the box on the left-cave art and artists

-box on the right -gtaffiti art ad arists.

-the box in the middle type similarities.

-in the boxes to t he left and right you snuld type in the word different.

-the boxes will allow you to type without the format  changeing

The center squre is for what the 2 have incommon

Copy and paste this into the drop bos.