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Chapters 7 and 8-The Rococo period and the move into Modern painting.
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MOD 4 assignment 13

MOD 4 assignment 13

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1.      CHAPTER 7  The Age of Rococo: Art in 18th-Century Europe

Study question 3- Why did Rococo art become known as a "decorative" art style? What about its subject, size, and painting techniques made it decorative?


           7b. The Birth of Rococo

         Take notes on this section.  Choose 4 main ideas from this section about Rococo and write them in 4 sentences.  Choose ideas you found interesting.


2.  CHAPTER 8   The Seeds Of Modernity-19th Century Europe

         Question-This chapter is about a big change in the history of painting.  What was the big change that happened to painting?   What was the change from? hint-it had something to do with the Rococo style.