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Chapter 8 continued: The change into modern painting
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Mod 4 assignment 14

Mod 4 assignment 14
  Don't forget to include include this assignment with assignment 13, thank you.        You can drop it here or in the other drop at assignment 13.           DROP BOX  


                8c. Realism

         Study question 1:   What topics did the Realists want to depict? How did this differ from the preferred topics of the Romantic artists?


                8d. Impressionism   Read about it/ don't take any notes.  Go to the "impressionist  painter" link and experience changing a photo into an impressionist painting.  Experiment with it.  There are different types of marks you cnn make and different sizes of those marks.  Answer this question please.  Do you  think an exercise like this helps you to get the feeling or idea about what the impressionists were trying to do?  Explain your answer.  What makes you answer the way you did?

                 Click here to see if you would like to paint like this.

                (you can paint like an CLICK Impressionist painter HERE)