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Administrative Details
In This Section

Administrative Details

Administrative Details
     The administrative details can be broken down into two areas: the title block and the sketch.

Details that go directly on the sketch are as follows:

1.  Fixed Objects                                2.  Number designations of evidence

3.  Basic Perimeter                              4.  Measurements

Details that go in the Title Block or Legend are these:

1.  Sketch Artist                                              2.  To Scale or Not To Scale

3.  Date and Time                                            4.  Lighting conditions

5.  Specific Location                                       6.  Directional North

7.  Identification of evidence per number          8.  Case Identifier

9.  Weather (cloud cover, temp., precip.)       10.  Key (for fixed objects, other)

11.  Classification of Crime                             12. May have Victim ID

13.  May identify search pattern used              14.  May note secondary scenes

15.  Outdoor scenes may identify boundaries, paths/roads, soil collection sites

Evidence is drawn either as circled numbers or scaled objects.  The evidence is identified by its number when you do number 7.  Furniture is usually drawn out or as representative shapes that are lettered.  Measurements are metric whenever possible.  The case identifier will be done as the date and the number of crimes done that day for the purpose of this class (and small towns).  (Cities have computers now that assign case identifiers.)  Example of a case identifier for the second case worked on August 28, 20005 would be  082805-2.  Lighting usually refers to how bright it is (ex: lights on or off, overcast sky, dark).  Inside scenes typically just give temperature and possibly humidity.  Outside requires if it is misting, foggy, raining, snowing, etc.