3. Assignment 17 read about surrealism and-
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3.Assignment 17

3.Assignment 17
The  Weird Definitions of Dada!

1. Go to the Beyond Books secion on Surrealism and Dada and click on the first "Did you know " orange square to the left and read the definitions of dada.  The definitions may help you understand the strangeness of the movements.  If that link doesn't work click on this word  DADA and it will take you there.  It should work so this is just in case. The definitions are listed with this "  mark at the beginning and end of the  definition or how Dada was discovered by a perosn.  They are strange just like the art that is labeled Dada.  After reading any definitions of Dada, chooseone that you like and copy one of them and paste it  and send it with number 2 below.

2.  Go to Artcyclopedia and type in the name Renee Magritte.  Browse around the museum list and check out his work.  OR go to this link about RENEE M.  and click on the picture you want to see larger.  Now do the following:

Choose one of his paintings to do the following:

1.  First write the title, then describe the painting. 

2. In an essay form of 100 words write about why you like or don't like the painting you selected to write about.

Please send both of these assignments via the DROP BOX,  THANK YOU!