2, Assignment 16 2. Read 9a. Abstraction and follow the link to the directions for this chapter.
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Assignment 16

Assignment 16

Go to Beyond books and read 9a about abstract art.   After reading about Abstact art look at the 3 paintings on that page one by Wassily Kandinsky, then the Picasso and the painting by Georges Braque.  Choose the one you like the most and describe it as if you were trying to tell somebody who is not in front of the painting, what it looks like.  You would talk about about color shapes and other elements like that.   Do not attempt to tell what the painting is about, just what it looks like. 

Here is an example of describing a painting.  It isn't abstract so don't use any of what I say.  The painting is a large picture of an eye .   The eye takes  up the whole space of the painting.  The colors are a reddish brown for skin, the eye is blue and the it   The unusual thing about the eye is th e colored part of the eye around the pupil is painted like a sky with clouds in the sky.  Click on the word EYE and see what I described


3.  Create an abstract picture in microsoft word.  Abstract pictures are easy to create on the computer because the computer supplies the  shapes for you.  Once you open Word look for the word AUTOSHAPES.  Click on it and you will  have many shapes to choose from to create an abstract design.   If you want some shapes to be in the background you click on the word draw, there will be many choices just click on ORDER and it will let you put the shape in fron ot behind other shapes.

 Send the picture in an email to me in an attachment along with your own definition of the sty le of painting called abstract.  Please send the picture in an email instead of the drop box and add the picture as an attachment or just copy the picture and paste it into the area where you write you message and sent it.  Thank you.