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Art History
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I have selected Wednesday evenings for our class to meet on the computer.  If there are major conflicts we will work out a better time.  I have done this once and it is fun and kind of funny at first but we must have an assignment attached to it for it to have any meaning.  You will be I think trained on how to do this and so will I.  There are controls so that you can show your desktop on the screen so everybody at the meeting can see the same thing.  If I wanted everyone to find an artwork they have always liked and then they put it up on the screen and talk about it one at a time.  Then we can react and talk back and forth on the subject.  There is a talk button that you can push so others can listen to what your saying.  The grade and/or points achieved for this will be based on a rubric determining you level of participation, and depth of thought and a few other subjects.  It will also be a good tool for you to master in the land of ...

"computer stuff you should know about".