Sketch Artist
     This talented individual designates and labels the search areas then communicates that information to others on the team.  This helps with the diagramming, photography, and evidence retrieval.  The Sketch Artist is responsible for doing a rough draft at the scene and a final draft after all the details are collected.  All measurements, regardless of the sketch technique used, require a fixed point.  Further, all measurements must be checked and double checked to ensure accuracy.  The Sketch Artist oversees the measuring, coordinating with the Photographer and the Evidence Retrieval Team.  Each sketch requires specific Administrative Details that are essential for tracking and follow up.  When all the details and measurements are recorded and verified, the Artist returns to his lab to prepare a final sketch for court.  Today's technology now allows some sketches to be finished on computer, giving greater depth of detail to share with juries and judges.

Traits:  ability to divide tasks efficiently and fairly, ability to manage multiple input and organize it into an understandable form, ability to draw to scale (with or without templates), ability to supervise multiple assistants with a high degree of accuracy, good team work and communication skills, and calm, confident  presence in court.