First Officer
     This is the first law enforcement on the scene and although I use the singular form, the are often two First Officers who divide up the tasks.  First, the First Officer has the critical job of preserving the scene.  This Officer is responsible for identifying victims and getting them emergency help if necessary.  This entails checking if the potential suspects are still hiding in the area.  The First Officer must also check for potential witnesses, separating them and taking statements as the situation allows.  The First Officer must record who and when anyone enters the scene and has the right to deny access to the scene, including important people who are non-essential to the scene, like the Mayor or the Governor.  While doing all of this, the First Officer must listen discreetly but attentively to any possible testimony in the crowd.

Traits: Ability to multitask by setting priorities, good listening skills, good documentation skills, good judgement ability on character traits.