Evidence Collector
     The Evidence Collector must be highly organized in order to keep the evidence intact.  The Collector must identify the evidence for the Photographer and Sketch Artist before the Collector can even touch the evidence.  Then the Collector must ensure that each piece of evidence is properly collected, recorded, and packaged.  Each piece of evidence must have a description and location marked on the packaging next to the "chain of custody" form.  Chain of custody establishes the order and identity of each person who handles that specific piece of evidence.  The Collector signs and dates the Chain of Custody to start the process.  As the Collector monitors the collection, this person is also coordinating the search, working on reconstruction of the crime events, ensuring that the evidence is photographed, measured and sketched, and labeled to arrive at the appropriate destination. 

Traits: very organized, great communication skills, and competent in a court room.